Commonly Asked Questions and Answers About Free Website Hosting Accounts


A website wouldn’t be a website without a hosting provider. Website hosting plans come in a wide variety of sizes and price ranges. Regardless of the provider you choose to go with, the purpose is universal: to provide access to a server so you can share all your data with visitors. While there are many different plans available to you, one of the most popular options – especially for small, personal websites – is free website hosting. Although there are many elements you must consider when searching for a free hosting option, you’re likely to have many questions. The following are common questions and answers regarding free website hosting options.

Question: Are Free Hosting Options Actually Free?

Free Website Hosting AccountsThis is by far the most common question, and the answer is simple: yes, the majority of free hosting options are actually free. While this may be excellent for your bank account, there are several drawbacks you must be aware of. The most common are limited features, such as no email hosting and forced third-party advertisements (more on this later).

Question: Are There Any Limitations to Free Hosting Plan?

For the most part, you can do almost everything you would do with a paid hosting plan; however, you’re severely limited to the server load. While you can typically run various applications and databases, monthly bandwidth and overall disk storage space is severely limited. This is generally only an issue if your website begins to experience a surge of visitors, in which case you’ll need to upgrade to a paid hosting account to support the rise in traffic (and demand on bandwidth). If your site is generating traffic, then you’ll want to consider vetting the fastest web host providers to determine who is right for you.

Question: Do Free Hosting Plan Force Third-Party Advertisements?

Unfortunately, in order for the hosting provider to offer free server space, they must make money somehow, which is generally in the form of forced third-party advertisements. Although these ads are generally placed in non-forefront areas of your website, such as on the footer of each page. However, some hosting providers place banner advertisements across you page, which can make the site seem spammish. The only way to remove these advertisements is to upgrade to a paid hosting account.

Question: Can You Upgrade to a Paid Hosting Account?

In general, yes. The majority of hosting providers that offer free website hosting allow account holders to upgrade to a paid hosting option. In fact, you may find that your hosting provider offers a special discount for upgrading. Even if you’re not planing on upgrading for a long time, it’s best to go with a service provider that offers upgrading options.